Sherman Tank
The M4 series of American-made medium tanks, nicknamed the Sherman, became World War II's tank of choice and the most successful Allied tank of World War II. Not only did England arm itself with this armored weapon, but Russia and other Allied countries also used the tank. On paper, it was a vastly inferior tank to the opponent's Panther and Tiger tanks, with its light armor and weaponry (75mm gun). But the M4 Sherman proved itself in battle. Its speed, maneuverability, gasoline fuel and ease of repair evened out the odds and allowed the Sherman tanks to out-distance the enemy at 34km/h. They navigated around the opponent to find the "sweet spot" - the rear plate in both the Panzer and Tiger. The tanks could be refueled almost anywhere and since they used gasoline, it eliminated the usual wait for diesel fuel. Breakdowns could be repaired with easily accessible parts and without the need for specialized tools. Some 50,000 Sherman tanks were made, including variants such as the Sherman Crab, which had a flail attached to the roller to clear mine fields, and was used on D-Day at Normandy. The Sherman Dozer was a combination tank and engineer's bulldozer, a variation of which was used during Desert Storm. This Handcrafted Resin Sculpture with a base that measures approximately 7 inches in diameter has one breakaway part (shown). Remove the Commander and lift the turret to explore the interior of this Hand-Painted piece.

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